Governing Board

The Governing Board is a decision-making body of representatives elected from the staff and parents of  Mount Pleasant School. The Governing Board carries out its responsibilities in a collegial manner, taking into account the respective roles of all members. This is an essential condition for ensuring that the educational action taken by the various participants serves a common goal, namely, the academic success of the greatest possible number of students.

Governing Boards have been granted powers and functions via the Quebec Education Act

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 For any questions, comments or concerns, please contact mount_pleasant_gb@lbpearson.ca


Governing Board Members 2017-2018

Parents Staff

Alexandra Shandling

Iain Dalgarno
Michael Goodman
Kalpesh Patel
Melissa Pelletier
Katie Shaar

Parent Representative
to the LBPSB Parents' Committe

Sean Connell

Alain Freud

Laurie Hobé
Pascale Jauffroy
Jane Malone
Stephanie Morrice
Nancy Potvin

Support Staff
Heather Lindsay

Mindy Hendler

Community Representative
Laura McCaffrey
City of Hudson
Mark Massarelli


Minutes 2017-2018
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  February 20, 2018
  December 5, 2017
  October 2, 2017



Minutes 2016-2017
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  May 4, 2017
  March 28, 2017
  February 21, 2017
  January 17, 2017
  November 3, 2016